Modicum Skincare Testimonials

Testimonials from the Compassionate Care Line

"Modicum really helped with my neck because my neck was pretty dry and wasn’t elastic... The oils really helped me to limit the side effects and limit the deformities from radiation."

- Doug D, Essential Recovery: Skin


I am one of those people who rarely ever writes an endorsement for a product. Seriously!! I would actually like to apologize for not writing this sooner, but I am in stage 4 Rectal Cancer that has metastasized to my lungs and I have been having a rough go of it lately.

I never expected to be in this situation and faced with the severe challenges that chemo, radiation, clinical trials and surgical procedures present. I have had chemo infusions, taken chemo pills, radiation treatments, and have scars as a result of a permanent Ostomy, I have never been able to find a product that really relieved the side effects of these treatments until now.

If you have been through these cancer treatments then you know the side effects can be down-right brutal including on the face and scalp. Raw, cracked, bleeding facial skin, horrible acne, hair thinning & hair loss, and more... I have experienced it all and tried so many products that didn't work and some that even made it worse. A colleague and friend of my daughters generously sent me a package of products that I had never heard of before: Modicum Essential Recovery: Skin, Breast, and Head & Scalp. After a month of using Modicum while continuing cancer treatment, I've experienced a notable improvement in the side effects on my facial skin, my surgical scars are lighter and I have hair growth!

I love how these products feel--they quickly absorb into your skin and don't leave a greasy residue. Most of all, I am grateful that I haven't experienced any facial skin discomfort and pain while using Modicum. I would definitely recommend these gentle and nourishing products for people with skin issues, especially cancer patients. Do something nice for yourself; you deserve it!

Jenny S.
Stage 4 Rectal Cancer
Essential Recovery Trio


Modicum has an exceptional line of medical aromatherapy products whose time was long overdue.

They are composed of high quality essential oils used in clinically therapeutic ways. As a former director of in-patient integrative medicine and specialist in medical aromatherapy, I was very impressed by their products.

I recommend them for patients along the cancer healing journey.

Kamyar M. Hedayat, MD
Medical Director, Full Spectrum Health: An Endobiogeny Medical Center
Chicago, Illinois

Hair Regrowth

I was first introduced to the Compassionate Care line during Chemotherapy. I was told of some patients having horrible skin reactions as a side effect of the treatment.

Using products on my skin that didn’t have harsh chemicals and helped repair my skin became very important to me. I started using the Essential Skin Serum and it not only kept my skin clear, but also brought out this amazing bright natural glow I never knew I had!

After receiving 6 Chemotherapy treatments, I was worried about how well my hair would grow back. I have always had slow growing hair and I am now taking an estrogen blocker that is known to cause hair thinning on top of the chemotherapy hair loss. 

I am amazed at the results. Actually I cried a bit when I compared the photos taken in just one week apart.  Not only was my scalp completely covered with hair, but my eyebrows were also thicker than they have ever been!

Jennifer C.
OC Warrior
Essential Recovery: Head & Scalp

Skin Replenishment

This Essential Recovery Skin serum has been an enormous help to me at the perfect time.

Love all Modicum products, but this one is my current favorite.

I highly recommend this product for anyone undergoing treatment.

Essential Recovery: Skin

Liquid Gold

I am simply in love with Modicum products! 

Post mastectomy, using the serum has created a compassionate ritual… and opportunity to nurture my body...It was the perfect piece to the puzzle and has continued to assist in practicing self compassion and self care. I’ve been using the oil on my scars (had three surgeries this year) and it really does seem to help a lot. The skin on the side that got infected last year (thus the additional surgeries) is softening and redness lessening with the use of the serum. My instinct is to treat it like liquid gold.

Mikiala S.
Breast Cancer Survivor
Essential Recovery: Skin (Post Mastectomy)

Healing touch

I massage it on my breast scars with the myofascial release to break up scar tissue.

It’s a way of thanking yourself, almost like giving yourself a hug and the smell is a huge component for me. It’s really just about thanking my body. It's amazing what our bodies can heal from.

Jessica R.
Essential Recovery: Skin

Testimonials from the Essential Line

I struggled for years with cystic acne and have tried many products to help balance my skin but nothing brought me back to balance until I found Modicum. My skin has radically changed for the better due to this product line and it has helped to boost my inner confidence and outer radiance. 

It truly comforts me to know I am using a healthy product that is beneficial for my body and the planet and putting on my essential serum is my favorite part of my morning and evening ritual of self-care. 

- Amberlee C.

Doctor Recommended

"Monica Behan, the creator of Modicum skin care, is a highly knowledgeable skin care specialist and herbalist. She enhances health and skin repair with oils and essences of the highest quality that give core support to all layers of the skin.

I can feel Modicum's high quality, deeply nourishing and repairing effect on my skin immediately after I apply it. My skin has been feeling more supple and alive since I have begun using it. I highly recommend this product for my acupuncture and holistic facial rejuvenation clients."

Katrin Schubert, M.D., Ph.D

Self-care for the body, mind and soul.

"Modicum has become an invaluable routine self-care practice for me - a ritual of loving kindness and compassion. Each small drop is an elixir for the skin - ambrosia for the senses. Ethically sourced, plant-based and antioxidant rich, these nourishing skin care products nurture and feed the cells with profound nature-based wisdom and love. Protect, renew, heal and transform with Modicum."

Liz Price-Kellogg, ERYT, YACEP, Owner/Founder of River YogaCo-author For the Love of Food and Yoga

Skin Remedy

"My friend, Brenda Swanson told me about Monica's plant-based serum. I didn't use it on my face. However, I had put some oil on my arm where a skin cancer growth appeared. I used it for three days and the scratchy raised skin disappeared! I have been going through MOHS skin Cancer surgeries on my legs for the past year. When I rubbed the oil on my scars, the redness and swelling reduced.

I now want to use it all over my arms and legs to prevent more cancer from returning!

Thank you, Monica! Thank you Modicum!"

Carole Wells
Los Angeles, CA

Ritualized skincare

"I love the smell and the way my face feels after the application of the serum. I use it daily and always wake up to clearer, softer and more elastic skin in the morning. It has become an indispensable part of my beauty routine."

Elodie Mailliet
Getty Images
New York

Complete package

Modicum serum is the best product I have ever used and it's all I use. I use it after cleansing my face it works as my day, night, eye and neck cream. It lightens dark spots, tightens pores and if you have any scars or cancer spots use it on all!

It lives in my home, purse and car.  Make sure to use a good sunscreen too.

Brenda Swanson
Celebrity go-to girl on all things beauty, health, & yoga
Health, wellness, & yoga coach

Scarring prevention

"I was quite concerned recent minor surgery on my face might result in unsightly scarring. Following surgery, I applied Modicum Essential Serum to the area every morning and night. I am thrilled to report no noticeable scarring resulted. The serum also left my skin smooth and supple. I would highly recommend Modicum Essential Serum to anyone!”

Karen Richmond
Director of Children’s Home
Watertown, NY

Clean beauty at its best

I'm always in search of completely natural, good quality facial products, that work. Modicum fits that description perfectly!  The degree of moisture it provides to the face is amazing for dryness, fine lines and overall good skin care.

"My favorite thing about Modicum is that it is made with 100% pure essential oils  (not synthetic fragrance as so many others are). These oils penetrate deeply into the skin to promote healing & collagen production. Also, because it goes into the skin, there is never a greasy or oily residue left on the skin. It goes right in.

I usually will use a product for a few months or so & it either doesn't do anything or the results stop after a short time. Not so with Modicum,  I've been using it for several months and plan to continue indefinitely.

Thanks Monica for developing such an awesome product!"

Patricia Mitchell
Natural Health Practitioner
The Natural Choice Health Alternatives

Dermatology RN

I am a dermatology nurse at the Center for Surgical Dermatology in Westerville, Ohio. Recently, one of our surgeons, Dr. Angela Casey, provided all of her surgical nurses with a 5 ml sample of your product. She wanted our opinions on it, since we have access to some of the best dermatological products on the market at a heavily discounted price (50-75% off retail) and we are always happy to try new products!

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that we all LOVE it! Collectively, we use products from Obagi, Skin Medica, Skin Better Science, and Neocutis. We love these products. However, none of them seem to make our skin as glowing and healthy looking as Modicum Essential Serum. Without a doubt, we will be sharing this information with our thousands of patients.

Personally, I loved the feel of it immediately. After 3 weeks of continual use, I did experience some cystic acne bumps on my chin, which is very unusual for me. At first, I was worried that it was clogging my pores, but then realized, it was probably drawing out some deep bacteria. The bumps quickly resolved and my skin looked amazing. Thank you for such a quality product!

If you want derm nurse reviews or ever offer professional discounts, please notify us. I will be placing an order today on your website, because I believe in your product so strongly.

Kathy Marzullo, RN
Center for Surgical Dermatology

Long lasting and effective

It's difficult to find a good, reliable face product which is also guilt-free for animal testing and ingredient sourcing, but Modicum ticks all of those boxes.

My skin looks fresh and hydrated, my fine lines are less noticeable, and I rarely get any pimples now (if I do, I dab a little extra serum on, and they heal a bit faster it seems). The price is higher than I would normally spend in one go, but I have saved money with the serum overall!

I bought the larger bottle back in the spring, and we are headed into winter now with 1/3 of the bottle left to go. I use four drops on the back of my hand, then dab it under my eyes, across my t-zone, and on the creases beside my mouth, then massage it around. There is usually enough left over that I can hit the creases of my neck with it as well - a little of the serum goes a very long way. I actually had to start alternating which hand I put it on first, because after about a month of consistent use, ai realized that the skin on my left hand looked about ten years younger than the skin on my right hand! This product is amazing!

Laura K.
Essential Serum

Bottled radiance

I’ve been using Modicum serum for the about two months and it is amazing the difference that it has made; my skin has never felt so smooth and looked so radiant. 

I just use a few drops of the serum before I go to bed at night and when I wake up, my skin feels like it’s been rejuvenated from the sun/dirt/stress of the previous day. Also, as someone who is conscientious about using natural skin care products, I have peace of mind Modicum uses only organic, plant-based ingredients. I would highly recommend Modicum products to anyone who wants healthy, glowing skin!

Aldie K. Levine
Albany, NY

Healing journey

My overall health plummeted after an extensive surgery, and I was self-conscious of the obvious changes in my face. My skin was extremely sensitive, and I tried everything. Nothing helped. I felt hopeless.

I am forever grateful to my dermatologist who gave me Essential Serum. The texture and tone of my skin improved quickly. Wrinkles and lines faded, my skin became firmer and tighter, circles under my eyes disappeared. My skin looked smoother than before. The Essential Serum is all my skin needs. Thank you Modicum Skincare, for their your mission to help women find skincare health. Finding and maintaining natural, healthy, and nourished skin was integral to my healing journey.

Christine W.
Essential Serum

Skincare Minimalist

I'm not someone who uses a lot of skincare products and once I found this, I knew it was all I needed for my face. I have sensitive skin, so needed something that would not irritate my skin.

I love all the natural ingredients and how it feels going on and the earthy scent. Plus, keeps my face moisturized and I like to think it's cutting down on my wrinkles.

Katherine B.
Essential Line

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