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When Unite for HER founder Sue Weldon was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004, she began searching for information on therapies that would complement the medical treatments she was receiving. What she discovered was a lack of easily accessible resources on topics like nutrition, acupuncture, massage, yoga, counseling and other ways for breast cancer patients to enhance their wellness and care for their emotional, spiritual, and physical needs.

Since its establishment as a nonprofit organization in 2009, Unite for HER’s cornerstone has been to bridge that gap for breast and ovarian cancer patients, focusing on wellness initiatives that will positively impact their health, as well as the health of all women and girls.

Modicum is proud to support Unite for Her's mission by donating products to UFH to distribute through their Wellness Program.

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Lipstick Angels is a nonprofit organization that provides clean-beauty and wellness programs that aim to restore the dignity, hope, and self-esteem to cancer patients by offering complimentary, personalized, and oncology-sensitive beauty and skin care services in hospitals at patients’ bedsides or while they are receiving treatment.

Modicum Skincare has donated over 100 products to be used in the Lipstick Angels program.

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