Compassionate Care™ Line

Empowerment through the ritual of compassionate self-care
Compassion for yourself + others

The Compassionate Care™ line was created to offer some comfort and relief in what can feel like a helpless situation. This line is about more than just products. We believe self-care and compassion are essential and can have a profound effect on the healing and recovery process. Our intention is to create an experience of connection for the individual while applying the product. These small acts and rituals of self-care can ultimately help create a sense of groundedness and empowerment.

The seminal moment for Modicum’s Compassionate Care™ Line was born from a moment of deflation and helplessness which slowly transformed into inspiration and hope.

This plant-based line is devoted to helping relieve some common side effects from cancer treatment. Modicum created the line after our founder, Monica Behan, supported her husband while he underwent radiation. She was surprised when she had a difficult time finding a safe and effective, plant-based skincare product for her husband to use to address some of the side effects of treatment. The first iterations of the C-Line were made for Eric, then shared with family and friends and are now available for those in need.