Essential Line

Plant-based, organic skincare
Seeking balance

Monica Behan's mother, Mana, led by example. She was a yoga teacher, massage therapist and cranial sacral master. This helped stoke Monica’s nascent interest in whole health, mind, body and spirit. 

Mana was diagnosed with cancer in her 50's and was committed to irradicating the disease through a holistic lifestyle including a macrobiotic diet, meditation and yoga. Her transformation further inspired Monica's perspective on health and the individual's power to cultivate it.

Solutions from nature

A few years ago Monica had a health scare of her own. While snowmobiling in the Canadian Rockies, her craft plunged into a deep crevasse at full speed. She awoke with several broken bones and lacerations on my face and neck. Plastic surgery was recommended and she worried that lacerations to her face would leave her with permanent nerve damage and scars.

While she recovered, she searched for an ultimate recovery balm that would address the scarring from the wounds. Necessity breeds invention and she created and applied a serum based on plant chemistry research. The plant oils and nutrients helped her skin to rejuvenate naturally, leaving no visible scars— and no need for surgery. She was reminded of the power of plants and worked with a green cosmetic chemist to formulate the Essential Line, inspired by a reverence for nature and respect for our bodies.