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Creating Rituals

Intention transforms a routine into a ritual.

Ritual FAQs

A ritual can start with a simple intention. The intention can be health and well-being, peace of mind, grounding, or whatever you choose. It doesn’t have to be a spiritual practice. It’s giving ourselves permission to pause.

The idea is to return to this ritual as often as needed. This is a gift we can give ourselves that takes little effort to do and gives so much in return.

At Modicum, we encourage creating a ritual around your skincare to encourage self-compassion and self-care becoming a practice that helps bring us back to center.

Sometimes it helps to set the stage in order to establish a ritual that becomes a regular practice or habit. You can begin by lighting a candle, lighting incense, using an essential oil or showing up with nothing but yourself, your breath and your intention. Creating this space provides an opportunity to connect with yourself.

Ritual brings us

Back to Center

Whether it's morning walks, journaling, meditating, or drawing a bath with aromatherapy, rituals bring us home to ourselves.

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